Christmas 2009

It was a gathering at TM’s place on Christmas Eve and we had potluck + steamboat!

The Attendees

TienMing & Yanling (of course), Dann & Serene, Pi and Quali, Quan & May, Hsien huang, Leonard, Me

Eddie couldn’t make it as he was hospitalized 😦

The contributions

Me — asparagus bacon!

Nerdy — some buns from Philippines

Curry Chicken — Jia Jia

Steamboat — TM and Yanling

Fried Bee Hoon / Chicken Wing / Roast Pork — Cant remember who

After dinner

It was the usual craps by the gang teasing me about some stuff. We had a Christmas gift exchange as well and I got a gift from Jia Jia.

Played Russian Roulette — Ladies v.s Men. This is tough as the stakes were quite high! Each group takes turn ro make guesses and stakes range from a glass to two cans of beer each time!

It was MJ after drinks — I didnt play though — was catching up with Lydia, Jia, Nerdy in the living hall.

Home at 5am!

And ending this post with




A Surprise bouquet for Xmas!

Yay! I’m a happy lil gal =)

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