My Birthday Celebration, 2009

And yea, I’m a year older… Boo!!!!

Wore my SpeC|aL Dress on a Special Day! Yay!

Its the usual celebration, with the usual gangs at the usual place with the usual drinks.

The only thing unusual????

I got drunk just 3 hours after I arrived, wtf!!! =((((


*W A R N I N I G*

Photos Overloaded!!!

A shot with everyone (almost) before I turn into Hermit the Crab.

The Girls

Paiseh, I know your hair looks kind of weird but I couldn’t find any other pics of yours. Moral of the story — Take more pics next time. Bwahahaha.

My Aunts

I thought I’ve only invited my uncle’s wife (Middle) and I got a shock to see my mum’s younger sister (Right)

The Men

Secondary School Mates

I didn’t quite expect so many of them to turn up as I’ve received a few calls saying that they couldn’t make it. So it was just part of a tease. -_-“

The Newly Wed who got married just days before my Birthday.

Nerdy — Just love him for his nonsense! He actually gave me a call to ask if I’ve photoshopped the photos coz his face looks freaking smooth!!!! Nerdy, do you think I’ll be so free?!?!

Thanks for coming Eddie even though you’ve just had an operation 2 days ago !!! *Touched*

Actually there’s one more pic but can’t post =(((


Ding Dong Ding Dong! Time for cake cutting and yes, the candles are IRRITANTS!

The Birthday Bottles

Martell from Autosport!

Not sure which arsehole brought out the bowls — no way am I gonna drink the hard liquor from soup spoons!

And this person came out from nowhere with 2 shots — I must be crazy if I drink it — Over my dead body!

Group Photos (Must have!!!)

And a wish before I blow out the candles! ( I wanna strike TOTO!!!)


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