I’m so missing you

I saw a wounded stray dog searching for food in the rain while smoking earlier. It was trying to reach for the trash in the bin which was a little taller than it. It was obvious that he was really hungry. After many tries, it finally managed to grab some leftover food. Pitiful dog it is.

Minutes later, someone came over to empty trash and the stray dog walked away. It seems like it is afraid of human. Stupid guy who was emptying the trash saw the stray dog and decided to close the lid of the bin to prevent it from searching furthur.

Poor dog walked back to the bin after the guy left and tried reaching for the bin again. It could only peep through the little gap between the lid and it finally gave up after a few attempts.

This is really saddening. How I wished I could buy some food for it. I wonder how it survive till date, badly wounded on the back and having to live in hunger.

After witnessing the above, I thought of my l’il Monster. Is he doing okay up there? I hope he is. I’m so missing you.

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