3 months

Whoa! Ive just realised that Ive neglected my blog for three months!

Was reading through my recent post and realised that I have lots to update… I need to buck up!

Coming up:

  1. Bangkok Trip 23-Jan-2010 
  2. Sydney Trip 12-Feb-2010
  3. Monster my lil doggy 22-Feb-2010
  4. Lynne’s Birthday
  5. Amanda’s Birthday
  6. Nerdy’s Birthday 16-May-2010
  7. S Club’s Annivesary
  8. A Day at S Club
  9. I left GE… 16-Jun-2010
  10. Phuket Trip 17-Jun-2010
  11. Darrell’s Birthday 20-Jun-2010
  12. My new job 21-Jun-2010
  13. Quan’s Birthday 6-Aug-2010
  14. Pi’s Birthday 14-Aug-2010
  15. If Yan can cook, so can Lim!
  16. Splurge!
  17. iPhone Photography
  18. Katek’s Birthday
  19. J Bar
  20. Ex-colleague’s Farewell

I hope to complete the above in two weeks!

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