Bangkok, Jan 23-26

It was an all girls trip! Mum, sis and me!

It was an early morning flight and I still remember that I went drinking with Katek the night before. Didnt get any sleep and rushed off to the airport. Our cutie l’il monster sent us to the airport too! He’s really a VIP right, having the front seat all by himself while the rest of us had to squeeze at the back seat.


and he got curious when we alighted…

… and soon we arrived in Bangkok!

It must have been our lucky day coz our room was upgraded… to a suite!

Fraser Suites BKK


Jumped onto the bed and I slept while mum and sis went shopping. This was basically a sleep-eat-sleep-shopping-eat-sleep trip, not even drinks. But I’m glad I made it for this trip coz I’ve gotten the license to smoke in front of my mum after 12 years! =x

My loots

Yes, that’s really LITTLE cos I had to save up for my upcoming trip to Sydney.

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