February 22, 2010

A day that I will never, ever forget .

You must be thinking that I am fully energized after a trip and will have a great start to a new week but you are wrong cos my beloved

passed away.

I was away for ten days and he was ecstatic when he saw me home. I spent ten minutes playing with him, running round the house, massaging his neck, a couple of fetches  and I went straight to bed after that. I was really tired from the long haul flight and I had to work the next day.

It was morning and the first thing I got to know was he went missing at 1plus the night before. He had sneaked out to look for my parents who were burning the offerings, downstairs. Dad and Mum spent hours looking for him round the neighbourhood but to no avail. How I wished it was just a dream.

I immediately went to wash up and stormed out with my phone, approaching passerbys and showing them pics of Monster. I kept asking, have you seen this dog? I met my brother halfway through the search and he had combed the other area — no luck too. I left for work after that while my brother took a day off and started putting up notices at lift lobbies. I started ringing up the authories asking if they had found a Maltese. I was so desperate that I even posted on facebook and forums.

I finally got a call fom SPCA at 4pm but it was bad news. They found a dead Maltese lying along the roadside of  Tampines St 21 at 3plus the night before, he was knocked down by a car. I broke down into tears instantly. My family and I rushed to SPCA to have a last look at him. He was frozen, stiff and cold. Everyone of them took a last look at him but I didn’t (I was afraid), I only touched his body and legs. I am sure Monster would want us to remember him in a nicer way.

Its been half a year since he passed away and I am still tearing as I am blogging. I really regretted for not spending more time with him. He wouldn’t have sneaked out if he wasn’t alone in the living room. 

To our Dearest Monster:

Everyone in the family misses you especially Dad.

Your dog tray is still filled with your favourite milk.

I still look at your pictures stored in my phone every now and then; and start telling my friends how you touched our hearts.

Farewell my dearest.

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