Leonard’s Brithday Celebration May 16, 2010

It’s Nerdy’s Birthday Celebration @ Changi Chalet!

I was the co-ordinator (yawnz) cos Danny couldnt find time for it! Though we were a little disorganized when it comes to the BBQ food prep, things turned up better than we expected!

Food: Jiajia’s Char Bee Hoon & Curry Chicken, my fresh prawns and sambal sotong, Bedok 85 Satay & Otah, Chicken Wings, Beef/Chicken/Pork Fillet and miscellaneous food from Giant Tampines!

Drinks: We had Red/White Wine, Vodka, Henessy, Martell, Tiger/Carlsberg Beer, Coke, Green Tea, etc!

Entertainment: 2 Mahjong Table, 2 sets of mahjong tiles, poker cards, and roulette!

The limelight of the night (not the birthday boy sadly).  Proudly sponsored by Chit Pao, Montreux.Flaming Tits Some pics before we “chop” up the cake.Dirty old men!

Nerdy, u love looking at Boobies, don’t you? We shall let you have a taste of it!


The plastic knife ain’t helping, time for a chopper! 

It’s finally drinking time after BBQ and mahjong!  It was a Gals v.s Guys Game!

1) Each team take turns to call for even/odd, small/med/big, red/black.

2)  Place your bets. Ranges from a can of beer to 2-3 cups of housepour!

3) Spin!

4) If you kena the Green Zero, you’ll have to drink three times of your bet!

The Ladiesv.s. The MenWe were having so much fun that we finished at least 12 cans of beer, Red/White Wine, Martell and Coke/Green Tea Mixers  and we were so desperate for mixers that we mix whatever we can find! Vodka + H2O! And the Birthday Boy is finally TIPSY!

 So we had a smoke break and he messed it up!It was Round 2 in the living hall after the smoke break. And the Bday Boy decides to show us how loving he and his gf were! Hah, I love this girl, she’s mad fun! And I couldn’t remember who spilled drinks again but I guess it must have been the Bday Boy! It’s finally bedtime @ 7:45 AM! 

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