Birthday Celebrations in Y2010

Gosh, its Y2011 and I have yet to complete my post for Y2010!

I’m so gonna do an all-in-one post for the Birthday Celebrations in Y2010 — excluding mine though!

Quan’s Birthday Celebration, August 6

It was steamboat dinner at 乐乐锅!

And a birthday cake sponsored by Pao as usual!

Quan’s wishes (see how serious he was!):

  1. I wanna dio 4D
  2. I wanna dio Toto
  3. I wanna dio Big Sweep
  4. I want a healthy Baby boy!
  5. and the list goes on and on…..

*Sidetrack*  I don’t actually remember the name of this place but I actually bothered to look through my SMS and I found it!

Yes, I don’t have the habit of deleting my messages. I still have the message for his birthday celebration in Y2009 too!

And Jason is forever crappy!

After dinner was definitely drinks




At Yue!


Pi’s Birthday Celebration, August 14

It was still Yue for Pi’s Birthday!

And Nerdy just loves to attract my camera’s attention!

@ the same table we were two weeks before!!!

Something different: Quan was sabotaged to sing on stage!

& Jason too!


Katek’s Birthday Celebration, August 26

Where 2 @ Keong Siak Rd

iPhone 3 camera sux big time so I had to recolor it. Looks better, doesn’t it?

Anyways, it was a small celebration with just Katek UB and myself coz its a Thursday!

And there she goes acting cute with the TCC cake I got for her!

Katek’s Post-Birthday Celebration, August 28

@ Arena

when i force her to take too many shots with me….

the funny guy who never fails to make us laugh…

…& so much feel like puking even before drinks!!!

Katek’s Post-Post-Birthday Celebration, September 3






And a must take shot as usual…

Dot’s Birthday celebration, September 25


A picture with everyone before her face gets as red as her dress!

When you have Lynne, you have props!

Tada!!! All turned into rabbits!

 And the most powerful rabbit of all






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