TM & Lydia’s Wedding, November 4 2010

It was TM’s Wedding @ Intercontinental!

The reception ladies, groom’s side

 Argh… Photos taken by pros just look so much better! I wanna learn photography…!

A Pic With “Lim Jit Guan” a.k.a 喝一罐!

One with Pau of coz. & it should be obvious why I call him Pau! Somehow my face looks smaller when im next to him!

And these 2 ladies makes me feel the total opposite now… F..A…T…! 😦

Jia, the mother of 2 and 3rd one coming…!

Nerdy and his “New” Hairstyle then. Havent seen him for months, i hope it got better! 😡






Edmund Chen and Xiang Yun!!!!

Both of them were so humble and friendly and & we couldnt stop taking pics with them!!!

After the group pic with Edmund Chen, he had a short conversation with us:

Edmund Chen: “你们是同学吗?” 

Us: “是啊, 已经十五年了!

Edmund Chen: “真难得! 那你们要永远保持你们之间的友谊哦!”

Gosh, he even bothered to strike a conversation with a bunch of strangers!!!! And the photos you’re seeing now is only from 1 out of 4 cameras???!!!

Okay, enough of the celebraties, my entry was meant for TM and Lydia’s wedding 😡

The Only picture i have of the bride and groom

The Beautiful Bride!


And after dinner, it was back to cam whoring!

Plan was to continue drinking at their suite but the groom couldn’t make it! He was so ……DRUNK!

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