Annual D&D November 12, 2010

What >> Our Annual D&D

Where >> Suntec Convention Hall

When >> November 12, 2010

Theme >> Horror Night (Something like that…. cant really remember)


This was the largest D&D I’ve ever attended after working for 5 different companies in 8 years (Disclaimer: Im not a job-hopper. It just so happened that the companies I’ve been working for always had a change in management after 2yrs or so!)! Didnt really dress up according to the theme c’os my colleagues were too “on”! Boo~~~ Or maybe I should say they were too busy to dress up c’os we didnt even reach till 9pm when we were supposed to reach at 7pm!

The additional booze we brought! Courtesy of the bosses!

6 bottles of red and white, Martell, McCallum, Chivas, Yamazaki, Moet

This was the second time I went “drinking” with my colleagues after joining the company for 5 months then. They were so FUN! Love it!


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