My whereabouts

Gosh! It’s been 2months since I last updated my blog. And yes, I am aware that I have been saying the same for the past few posts!

24hrs a day just doesn’t seem to be enough since I started work in my current job; I only have time for dinner, shower and probably 3 episodes of whatever-drama-series-I-am-watching before its bedtime, at 2AM! It is then time to get back to my hectic job after six hours of sleep (sometimes lesser when I watched more than 3 episodes!). Thank god my dad sends me to work every morning and I can get some shut-eye during the journey (I know I’m a lucky gal!).

My job is crazy, or rather getting from bad to worse. I used to support a team of 7-9 and it has been increased to 12 and counting! Sometimes I really wonder how I managed to survive in this job till now; but I don’t think I should have any complaints since I’ve gotten the two most important things that one look for in a job i.e. Nice colleagues (Disclaimer: It depends on their mood and workload) and Money$$$ (Disclaimer: Not very well paid but much better in comparison with my previous jobs)! Nope, I am not complaining, lol. Jokes aside but I am really glad to have this job.

And just in case you were wondering if I was out drinking like I used to, the answer to it is NO! Unbelievable but true! Age is catching up and I don’t seem to have the energy I used to have. 真是不认老都不行了 (Can’t deny the fact that I’m getting old)! A drink on a  weekday evening = Suffering at work for the next 2 days = Cannot focus at work = Kena reprimanded by bosses for screwing up their stuff = Payback time! Guess I am getting better in Maths so I quit try-to-quit (still sneak out for a-weekday-light-drink once every 2 weeks)!

Well, its 12:30AM now and I guess I have to run — only have time for 2 episodes of 24 now! Will try and update my blog regularly.


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