Christmas Eve 2010

It was dinner @ Mulligan’s, Clarke Quay

Jason getting ready for the X’mas SOP i.e. Gift Exchange

 & there are always surprises along the way




Who in the hell would wrap a present in this way?!?!? No, wait. Wrap is not the right word to be used in this case but I can’t think of any words to replace it for now. Badly wrapped? Ugly wrapping? Trying-to-be-creative-but-turned-out-to-be-disastrous-wrapping-skill?

Check out the label, it reads:

Title: Cake Box

Qty: 50pcs

The couple behind the scene and he still has the cheek to smile =.=””””

The gifts! Jason was too shy to even take a picture with the uglily-wrapped present!

Next Stop: Yue@Clarke Quay

Joined them at Yue for an hour and I had to leave for my next round i.e. Autosport!

It was Last Christmas @ Auto as their last day of operation was on Dec 31, 2010. It was sad that they had to give it up but they didn’t had a choice as the landlord was asking way too much for rental!

Promised the ladies that I will be there for countdown but Katek was already gone when I reached Auto! How sad! I was there for another two hours before I headed back to Yue.

 Back @ Yue!

~ End of Christmas Eve ~

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