Birthday Eve 2010

We have celebrations on eves of Public Holidays like Christmas eve, New Year’s Eve and I too have a Birthday Eve celebration! Thanks to my sis, aunt and friends for the wonderful surprise!

I merely thought it was a post Christmas BBQ get together as I did not get to meet my baby cousins during Xmas

and there came the surprise …

Yes! My sis decorated the cake all by herself! Can’t believe she had the patience to design it from scratch! Cake was from The Icing Room where you can Design-It-Yourself!

A picture with almost everyone except the unfriendly Roger Labbit!

My 2 lovely cousins! Cute to the max! ❤

Round II at Min’s place — Birthday Kisses!

Special thanks to my sis, bro-in-law (though I know you didn’t do much except for being an Ahmad) and aunt for organising. Friends, Brother +gf who specially made a trip over and MOST IMPORTANTLY the 2 maids who did the cleaning!

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