Rubbish Me!

I love to sleep because i have nothing to keep myself busy
I love to play pool but i seldom win my opponent
I love to sing but my singing is horrible
I love to crack jokes but my jokes can be cold at times -_-”
I love to party but i hate the queues and crowd
I love to eat but i need to go on diet
I love to play mahjong but my tiles are so ugly
I love to drink but i hate getting drunk

To summarize, im someone who is full of contradictions 😉


3 Responses to Rubbish Me!

  1. hoh says:

    judging by yr blog
    your an artist
    your creative and delightful 🙂
    do you want to win at pool?
    you have to tell yr self over and over you will win at it
    if you think you wont then you wont!
    yr brain will make sure you don’t cose that’s what yr telling it!
    [NLP neuro linguistic proramming – facinating stuff]
    have a brilliant life

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