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Protected: Sleepless night

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Its been raining since noon and I hate this. Feels extremely moody on rainy days, not to mention my (bad) mood these days. Something’s bothering me BADLY and I’m sure the ones round me knows the cause of it. Stupid … Continue reading

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Moody 25.03.10

I’ve had this feeling that something’s bad gonna happen since afternoon; makes me feel worse after a call coz it was unanswered. I hope it’s not what I imagined. 😦

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ARGH!!!! I’m in a bad mood again! Only you can make me feel better . . . Just as I thought things are going smoothly for me, 衰神came along again! 衰神, PRs are not allowed here and your visa has expired, … Continue reading

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Life is like …

Many would have agreed that life is like . . . . A Roller Coaster — With Ups & Downs — Exciting ain’t it?   I second that at this point in time coz my life is like a . . … Continue reading

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Stop the approach!

I have decided last week to stay on. Why are u approaching me and making me feel guilty and regretful once again; and allowing me to be the devil once again for rejecting. I hate this. Not the best decision made, … Continue reading

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B & B @ Day 6

Oh gosh, things are getting from bad to worse! Blublack is now the size of my pointer finger, and Barcode is still trying hard to “dry up”! This is Disastrous!

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Barcode @ Day 2

Barcode is getting obvious at Day 2. Blueblack aint losing out either, its expanding its territory as well! . . .  But its okie, Lin’s a happy girl today despite a crazy day at work! 😀

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I’ve been Barcoded

See what i mean !!!! . . . . Looks like barcode, doesnt it? Left leg = Blue black + Swollen Right Leg = Blue black + Swollen + Scratches Im a clumsy woman.

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Decision Making

Lin is screwed — for being fickle-minded.  She hates making decisions — she’s real bad at it. Definitely not the best choice to stay at her current job — but she has decided to take the risk. God bless ~

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